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Review: Storm Siren by Mary Weber

Title: Storm Siren
Author: Mary Weber
Publish Date: August 19th 2014

"In a world at war, a slave girl’s lethal curse could become one kingdom’s weapon of salvation. If the curse—and the girl—can be controlled.
As a slave in the war-weary kingdom of Faelen, seventeen-year-old Nym isn’t merely devoid of rights, her Elemental kind are only born male and always killed at birth — meaning, she shouldn’t even exist.

Standing on the auction block beneath smoke-drenched mountains, Nym faces her fifteenth sell. But when her hood is removed and her storm-summoning killing curse revealed, Nym is snatched up by a court advisor and given a choice: be trained as the weapon Faelen needs to win the war, or be killed.

Choosing the former, Nym is unleashed into a world of politics, bizarre parties, and rumors of an evil more sinister than she’s being prepared to fight . . . not to mention the handsome trainer whose dark secrets lie behind a mysterious ability to calm every lightning strike she summons.

But what if she doesn’t want to be the weapon they’ve all been waiting for?
Set in a beautifully eclectic world of suspicion, super abilities, and monsters, Storm Siren is a story of power. And whoever controls that power will win"

StoryLine: I had never heard of this book before requesting the sequel, Siren's Fury, on Netgalley. I didn't realize it was a sequel until after I had gotten approved, so I had to go out and get myself a copy of this. Now I'm wondering why this book hasn't received more attention. I really enjoyed the world building here; it was fun learning about the different kingdoms and politics going on. The Uathúil were an interesting concept, as was seeing how the different kingdoms accepted them. I would like to know more about Uathúil as the series progress; I hope the next books offer more insight into how they came to be/how they came to be treated how they are. I would also like to know more about why the kingdom of Faelen was so accepting of the requirement to kill all Elementals. Why are Elements only ever boys? Why is Nym the only girl Elemental that we know of? There's definitely an interesting start, but I hope to learn more in the next books.

The plotline at times was a bit predictable, I knew when something was up, and I guessed a couple of the twists, but it was still enjoyable. The pacing was a bit slow in the beginning, but I didn't feel like it dragged, and it definitely picked up of the course of the book. And be warned, there's a pretty cruel cliffhanger, so make sure you have the sequel on standby.

Characters: I liked Nym, she had a good heart, she wanted to protect people. She has hurt and killed with her powers before, and because of that she thinks herself a monster and things her powers a curse. The angst at times did start to get a bit annoying. She was always doubting herself and her powers and her control, and at times I did just want to slap her and tell her to pull herself together and believe in herself. Colin and Breck were my favorite characters. They are Terrene twins from one of the other kingdoms, and all the Terrenes there are born twins, one with a gift and one with a curse. Colin can manipulate earth and Breck is blind. Breck is a very frank, no nonsense, determined servant girl. She's got so much spunk and I just really liked her. Colin is bald, and often shirtless, and goofy and cocky in a joking way, and he's fiercely loyal to his sister; he's got a good heart,and he cares for Nym, but is quick to laugh and lighten the mood. I loved them both. Eogan was alright, I have nothing bad to say about him, and at time he melted my heart a bit, but I just didn't like him as much as I like Colin and Breck.

Parting Thoughts: This was a fun quick read, and it really is underhyped. And I'm really glad I have the sequel, because that cliffhanger was not nice.

4/5 Stars

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  1. Hmmm, everyone seems to love this series, that I've seen! Nym sounds like someone I would like. Shirtless Colin also sounds good ;) Glad you enjoyed this one, Mandy!

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!


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