Review Policy

Book formats I accept:
-Finished Copies

Genres I accept:
Any type of young adult fiction, especially: fantasy, science fiction, dystopian, and contemporary. I will also accept older middle grade fiction, new adult fiction, and adult fiction with crossover appeal. 

Genres I will not accept:
I do not accept children, younger middle grade, nonfiction, or erotica. Books do not necessarily have to be clean, but I do not accept books with excessively graphic sex scenes or erotica.

In addition to my thoughts on the story, my reviews include:
Title, author, publish date, rating, description from Goodreads, final parting thoughts (would I recommend, reread, ect) and may also include a brief review of the cover. All of my reviews are 100% honest, and by accepting a book, I do not guarantee to review it. For books which I rate less than 3 stars, I may contact the provider and see if they want me to post a review or not.

Review time:
How fast a book gets reviewed varies, but on average, once I get to a book, I finish physical copies in 2-3 days, and ebooks in 4-6 days. I try to post reviews within a month of the publish date, unless requested otherwise. I review most of the books I accept, but I do reserve the right not to review a book. I post reviews about 3 times a week, and post regular status updates on Goodreads about the books I'm currently reading.

I also am willing to host author interviews/guest posts, giveaways, and participate in blog tours.

Where reviews are posted and promoted:
All of my reviews are posted to my blog, goodreads, and Amazon, as well as promoted on my twitter, instagram, all of my google plus book communities, and pinterest. 


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  1. Hello Mandy!
    Thank you for reviewing books! You do a great service for writers like myself.
    I would love to have you review my new book. Wyshea Shadows (296pp, Dec 25th, 2016)
    If you are interested, I’ve have a mobi, ePub, or PDF.
    I teach novel writing, speech, and cutting-edge self-awareness in special ed.

    I have 4 new books (see below), one a YA epic fantasy: Wyshea Shadows. (296 pp, Dec 25, 2016)
    (My WhipEye Chronicles series thus far won 11 awards for the 1st two books (WhipEye and Gorgon).)

    Wyshea Shadows: Divided Draghons, Book 1
    This YA epic fantasy thriller has romance subplots:
    A hundred-year-war that won’t end…
    Three strong young women sworn to kill each other…
    Famere, the wyshea butcher, seeks vengeance with loyal mythic beasts called shadows,
    Jennelle, commander of the Northerners, fights for her people’s survival using brilliant strategies, &
    Camette, a wild divided draghon, searches for her kidnapped lover…
    Famere, Jennelle, and Camette must discover who is friend or enemy, who is responsible for the hundred-year dark sky and death mists, and if the men they adore will still love them.


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