Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Zoya Earth Day Exchange and Cassedy, Hunter, and Dream Swatches and Review

In honor of Zoya's annual Earth Day Exchange, I'm reviewing my three most recent Zoya purchases: Cassedy Hunter and Dream. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Zoya's Earth Day Exchange, each year in honor of Earth Day, Zoya has a promotion that allows you to trade out your old, unhealthy nail polish, for Zoya's healthy 5-free formula. You just add between 6-24 Zoya nail polishes (excluding Summer 2014 collections) to your cart, and apply the code ZDAY2014 and you'll receive a 50% discount. Then when you get your new polishes, you send Zoya your old ones, and they dispose of them in the proper, eco-friendly manner.
Zoya Cassedy, Hunter, Dream

This is one of Zoya's best promotions each year, so not only are you protecting the environment by ensuring that your old unused nail polish is getting properly disposed of, but you're also able to stock up on an amazing brand.

Zoya Cassedy (Holiday 2013 Zenith Collection):
"Cassedy can best be described as a full-coverage, celestial pewter metallic." Packed full of silver flecks, this highly pigmented polish is fully opaque in just 2 coats. Picture below taken without top coat. 

In some lights it looks silver, in some gray, and occasionally Cassedy has a green hue to it. The silver flecks not only make it crazy reflective, but also give it almost a static tv feel to it.  
Topped with NYC Matte Me Crazy on all nails except the ring finger. Note how the edges of the light reflection are more diffused looking.
I'm especially found of adding a matte top coat to Cassidy. The result is a slightly softer and more diffused reflective quality. 

The only potential problem I see with this one is since its chock full of silver flecks, after removal my finger tips were sparkle-city.
Notice how green the pinky nail looks. It's not painted different. Just shows how this color can look different in both different lights, and at different angles.
Zoya Hunter (Fall 2013 Cashmere Collection):
"Hunter can be best described as a dark sea green cream." To me, hunter is a dark forest green creme with a sort of dusty quality to it that my camera wasn't wanting to capture. This deep rich green applied slightly streaky with coat, but was fully opaque and even at 2 coats. Drying to a super glossy finish, all swatches below are taken without top coat.

When in sunlight, the color deepens, and seems less dusty. And just look at how glossy it looks! A great forest green for Earth Day. So woodsy!

Hunter has a butter smooth application and a painless removal.

Dream (Holiday 2013 Zenith Collection):
"Dream can best be described as a full-coverage, deep space blue with holographic glitter." Hands down my favorite of the three, Dream is a royal blue jelly base full of crazy beautiful holo micro-glitter. Though slightly sheer, Dream is fully opaque at 3 coats, though 2 coats were used below. In some lights 2 coats yields VNL. Pictures without top coat.

The holo effect was difficult to capture, especially since the sky was cloudy.

Dream is absolutely packed with the glitter. Zero need to fish for or place the glitter, just paint your nails as you would any other polish.

The holo is more easily viewed in person. Depending on the light and angle, sometimes the glitter just appears like silver speckles.

But when the lightings right, your nails will be covered in rainbow flashes!

I don't know about you, but this year I'm stocking up during the Zoya Earth Day Exchange. I know that I need me some more of those Zoya Holographics, so Storm, Blaze, Payton and Aurora are all definitely in my cart. And based on how smooth, buttery, and glossy Hunter is, I know I need to pick up a few more Zoya creams too. So far, I'm thinking Neely, Purity, Robyn and Cole. And knowing me, I'll get more metallics too, even though almost all of my Zoya polishes are metallics. Faye, Ivanka, Apple and Tanzy look particularly enticing.

Dont forget, in order to get the discount you have to buy at least 6, and no more than 24, polishes, and apply the code ZDAY2014. Promotion ends 4/28! 

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