Sunday, April 8, 2012

SPF as a Part of Your Daily Routine

I honestly believe that the best way to a youthful complexion is taking preventative measures while you are young.

That's why it baffles me so when I see others my age neglecting their skin! My mom looks incredible at her age of 38. She looks years younger than every other woman her age. She's always getting mistaken for my older sister. My grandma, too, looks nothing like she's in her 60's. She especially looked younger than her years back in her 40s before she started smoking. And, besides good genes, a lot of their youthfulness has to do with the fact that they wear SPF, Every. Day. Not just when at the beach. Summer, winter, sunny days, or stormy. I honestly don't understand how such a critical step is so often over looked. Especially by girls here in Florida. It's like, hello! There's year round sun exposure here, imagine how old you'll look in a few years

 Now, I'm not saying you should slather on a ton of greasy old sunscreen everyday. No, although in a pinch, I guess that can do. But, no, that's unnecessary. Using a foundation with SPF* will work, or applying a face lotion with SPF first thing in the morning. I personally use Aveeno Continuous Protection Sunblock Body Lotion SPF 55. I love it, it soaks in to your skin fast, and feels like there's nothing there. It's also oil free and non greasy, so no break outs either!
Adding a little SPF is a easy and painless addition to your daily routine, but one that you will be so thankful for years from now.

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