Sunday, April 22, 2012

Julep Portia Over Essie Lilacism Swatches

First off, please excuse the chipping, I forget to take pictures when I first painted my nails, so there's a few days of wear and tear. 
And second, yes, I know it doesn't look like I'm wearing Lilacism. That's because I bought the polish before I moved., and since then it suffered some heat and sun damage that changed the color. So instead of a light purple, its now more of a light blue. But fortunately that makes it more suitable as a base for Portia.
If you saw my last post, you can see how by its self, Portia is very sheer, with the blue nearly undetectable. But,  over a nice light blue, it really shines! 
I love the way this turned out, it looks more like you would think it should by looking at the bottle. It's really fun and summery. Like this it really does remind me of a day at the beach. 
I wish I would have taken some pictures out in the sun! And I really should start using an actual camera, and not just my phone.

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